Fleet Management Cost Control

The Pacific Pride cardlock system gives you monitoring and control over fuel, maintenance, service and vehicle use - allowing you to operate your fleet at top efficiency.

Unauthorized Use

Unlike credit cards, Pacific Pride cards can only be used for the fuel, vehicle and type of purchase you specify.

Maintenance Tracking

Track odometer readings at each fuel stop for maintenance and scheduled service.

You Set Controls

Limit the time of day, day of week, transactions per day and fuel type. The parameters can be applied to your entire fleet or to any driver.

Local Service

You'll deal directly with a Pacific Pride representative in your community to establish your account, set controls, issue cards, and receive ongoing service.

Online Reporting

Fueling data is available through a secured posting on our website. Download all of your fueling transactions for use in Excel and other accounting programs.

Export and ShareFuel consumption and odometer readings can also be emailed to your maintenance supervisor, accounting department, division managers, etc.

Monitor Every Drop, Dollar and Driver

Through our online reporting and fuel management system, you are now in complete control of your fleet and fuel costs. You set the limits and then track consumption in real time.

More Savings With Autofueling

Because you can closely monitor and manage the fueling of your fleet, you are able to reduce fuel and extraneous costs by as much as 20%. Invest in the Pacific Pride cardholder program with online monitoring and effectively plan and manage your fleet's fueling needs anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Cardlock Advantage

  • 24 hour, 7 days a week access
  • Available to commercial vehicles only - less wait
  • No convenience store distractions
  • Over 1,000 cardlocks across the US and Canada
  • Clean and well-lit, easy access to class 8 vehicles
  • Diesel fuel with high speed dispensers (40 gal/min)
  • No monthly card or service fee
  • Pricing and credit terms are negotiated locally
  • Easy access to fueling station sites, including easy in and out for tractor trailers
  • Fully automated system with receipts available at all locations
  • No cost for cards, additional or hidden fees, or minimum use fees
  • Customized statements feature a  30-day billing cycle for easy management and tracking of your fuel costs

Pacific Pride fueling stations also accept the following fuel cards:

  • Wright Express
  • Voyager
  • ComCheck
  • Fleet One
  • TCH (Transportation Clearing House)
  • T-chek

Pacific Pride Quick Facts

  • Over 1,300 Pacific Pride cardlock sites in North America
  • Most Pacific Pride cardlocks offer 24/7 access*
  • Cardlock locations designed for commercial fueling services for easy access for all vehicle types
  • Several card options to fit your needs for control, convenience and security
  • PrideComplete offers access to 135,000 retail locations, 45,000 service merchants, 2,100 Esso locations in Canada and all Pacific Pride cardlock locations

* All Pacific Pride locations are independently owned and operated. Participation depends upon site type.