Money Saving Pricing Plans For Propane, kerosene and Fuel Oil Home Delivery

Platinum Advantage Plan

Platinum Advantage is our popular prompt pay program. Simply pay your bill within 10 days of delivery using our EFT Automatic Checking Account Draft and you get lots of discounts and benefits from us.

Platinum Advantage Features:

  • 10% discount on all Repair and Service Calls.

  • 10% discount on all Parts and Equipment.

  • 10 cent per gallon discount (off already discounted automatic route price) on fuel purchases.

  • No charge for after hours fill up if you run out. ($75.00 savings)

  • $75.00 One Time Referral Bonus for each New Propane Home Delivery Customer you refer to us. (To qualify New Customer must use over 500 gallons for home delivery in a year. New Customers that only require between 300 and 500 gallons a year will earn you a $50.00 bonus.) Note: Processed at the close of qualifying winter season.

  • Sign on bonus! Customers that sign up for the Platinum Advantage Program prior to a heating season (by August of the current year) will receive a one time $20.00 Credit applied to your December delivery.

Platinum Advantage Sign Up Requirements:


  • Sign up or be on Automatic Route Fill Up.

Budget Plan


Take advantage of all benefits of our Automatic Route Delivery with the convenience of an even and consistent monthly payment.

Our  Budget Plan begins in August of each year, and works like an escrow account. Your budget payment amount is calculated on your past usage and projected winter prices.

Your final payment is due in June, and will include any over or under payments to settle up your full heating season's purchases. Your account will be audited annually to prevent large overpayments or underpayments from happening.

Your budget payments may be adjusted due to unexpected changes in usage or propane prices (severe cold weather, adding additional appliances, etc).

It is very important that your payments be prompt and consistent since this is a premium service we are providing without interest or service charges. Should you miss a budget payment for any reason, your deliveries will be suspended and you will be removed from Budget Billing. This results in your entire account balance being due immediately. If this happens, we will give you the opportunity to return to the budget plan the next year.  

Route Delivery Plan

SAVE 10 CENTS PER GALLON off posted Will Call Delivery Price by simply allowing us to manage your propane deliveries. How you take delivery of your propane directly affects our efficiency.

Our Automatic Delivery plan allows you to receive deliveries on a scheduled route. This allows us to schedule our trucks more efficiently, and in return we pass the savings on to you.

Automatic Delivery requires an approved open credit account, which must be kept current to ensure uninterrupted deliveries. Gallons delivered on automatic fill status will be delivered at the posted rate. Should your account go past due for any reason, your deliveries will be suspended and you will be removed from automatic delivery.

Keep in mind we also offer a Budget Plan to help manage your heating bills in the most cost efficient way.