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How To Buy Fuel At A Competitive Price

If you currently do not have a competitive price, your business can suffer greatly.

It is always in your best interest to buy at the best possible price available. When you have the lowest price, you can sell more to your customers.

So why wait?  Contact us today so that we can help you in your pursuit of a more profitable and successful retail business. 

Commercial Wholesaler

Most clients recognize Cooper Petroleum, Inc. because we are one of the largest providers of heating and motor fuels in the region.  We also provide commercial branded and unbranded motor fuels wholesale to retailers.  We are proud to be one of the leading marketers of motor fuels in this area and would be happy to help your business succeed.

Our Motor Fuels division has locations that operate under brands such as Mobil and Exxon.  We have supplied millions of gallons to clients in North and South Carolina last year. And you can be confident that we can deliver on all your fuel reseller needs.